Corruption in Russia



Business and Corruption in Russia

Corruption is a major obstacle to doing business in Russia, and especially petty corruption is common. Business environment suffers from inconsistent application of laws and the lack of transparency in public administration. The high level of corruption and fraud in public procurement costs the state tens of billions of dollars a year.
In Russia, there is the low efficiency of legal rules, which significantly increases costs for companies doing business in the country and have a negative impact on market competition. Companies face challenges in the process of registration of licenses and permits, despite the fact that the red tape with the documents and report design is greatly diminished in recent years, by reducing the number of procedures required to register a company. Recently, in the anti-corruption legislation of the Russian Federation introduced a number of changes aimed at curbing corruption in the public and private sectors. Article 13.3. Federal Law “On Combating Corruption” obliges organizations to take measures to prevent corruption, including to develop and put into practice standards and procedures aimed at ensuring the diligent work of the organization. In order to reduce the level of corruption in the government, according to the law, civil servants and now all heads of state corporations are required to provide a declaration of income and assets for themselves and their loved ones.
Facilitation payments or “incentive payments”, also controlled by the law, which imposes the appropriate restrictions on gifts and other benefits for public employees. The evaluation report of 2013, in particular GRECO recommended that the principle of judicial independence required by law, subject to the practical gain. In 2012, Russia joined the OECD Convention on Combating Corruption and Bribery, thus making an important step towards compliance with international anti-corruption standards.
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