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In New York, a businessman originally from St. Petersburg, Maksim Freidson trying to sue the company “Gazprom” and “Lukoil” and their management in the framework of the law “On came under the influence racketeering and corrupt organizations.” Freidson alleges that the company illegally acquired its share in the oil business, has existed since the 90s. Freidson witnessed the early career of Vladimir Putin and decided to tell the details. Presidential spokesman Peskov did not respond to a request for comment to Radio Liberty, but made a public statement about the attack on Putin’s part of the Western media who are interested in the events in St. Petersburg 90.

A citizen of Israel and Russia demanded that Maxim Freidson structures of “Gazprom” and “Lukoil” in general, 540.9 million dollars as compensation for the share of the Company under their control “Sovex” – until 2013 only fueling the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport. The lawsuit was filed in Court for the Southern District of New York July 18, 2014, the defendants have been named “Lukoil”, Lukoil North America, “Gazprom”, “Gazprom Neft” and “Gazpromneft-Aero”. Personally defendants named chairman of the board of directors of “Gazprom” Alexei Miller, CEO of “Gazprom oil” Alexander Dyukov and director of bunkering company “Lukoil-Bunker” Ali fluently. All these people Freidson attributes connection with the underworld, filed a lawsuit in the so-called law of RICO – “Oh fallen under the influence of racketeering and corrupt organizations”.

Maxim Freidson claims that since 1994 owned a 29% stake in the company “Sigma”, which owned 66% of shares of “SOVEX.” His partner was the late Dmitry Skigin, which controlled 71% of the “Sigma” and 34% of “SOVEX”.

Freidson, survived an attempt on his life in the early 2000′s and received numerous threatening phone calls, concerns the lawsuit in New York, philosophically: first, the court was not able to achieve the transfer of the defendants claim, and recently decided that the events of the alleged crime took place in Russia, and therefore, the claim must be submitted there. However, money laundering in the trade of oil products is still going on in New York, argues Freidson, so he is preparing to appeal the refusal of acceptance of the claim for consideration. His story sheds light on a rather closed towards the biographies of Russian President Vladimir Putin, his activities in St. Petersburg in the 90th.

In St. Petersburg, Maxim Freidson remembered as “Max-gunsmith”, ie the person engaged in arms. There was another nickname: “Provider-machine” – Freidson both owned company to provide Internet access. Then he took the oil business. Business partner Maxim Freidson Dmitry Skigin came to the attention of the French police on suspicion of money laundering, was expelled from Monaco and is mentioned in the report, the French police (available to PC) as a member of “Tambov” groups, working together with Ilya Traber ( Antique dealer named).

The details of cooperation with the authorities of St. Petersburg on the one hand and the underworld – the other Freidson Maxim said in an interview with Radio Liberty, recorded in New York:

I was a victim of a criminal group consisting of corrupt officials and gangsters


– I filed a lawsuit against the company “Gazprom”, “Lukoil”, “Gazprom-Aero”, “Gazprom Neft” about illegal purchase of my property, namely equity stake in ZAO “Sovex” established in 1995. The meaning of my conversion to the US Supreme Court, I was a victim of a criminal group consisting of corrupt officials and bandits (in the so-called law of RICO – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, “Oh came under the influence of racketeers and Corrupt Organizations”). This group included Vladimir Coumarin, Alexey Miller, Sergey Vasilyev, Alexander Dyukov, Ilya Traber, Graham Smith, Dmitry Skigin. I have not mentioned in court documents of Vladimir Putin, which will be discussed below, in order not to escalate the policy already complicated matter. In Russia, to sue these people, I can not for obvious reasons – physical danger and there is no hope for a fair solution, even though I tried. So I want to sue in America and will make every effort to convince the court that in Russia is judged Putin’s team is dangerous and there is no hope for a fair trial. As I understand it, the court said the statute of limitations on the terms and at the request of no complaints, but the question of jurisdiction remains open, and I will fight on.

Doing Business in St. Petersburg, I started in 1993 with the fact that we tried organize the company to produce a police weapon in Russia. At that time, there was a program of conversion and the same program existed in the United States, where public money is allocated to the conversion program. In addition, weapons police at the time, and now – it is not a police weapon. Kalashnikov, which is used in the city, fearing far enough. Police weapons suggests a smaller distance of defeat, so the police all over the world used smoothbore shotguns.


Maxim Freidson

We had the idea together with the Military Mechanical Institute to make the production of hunting rifles and police. First, on the basis of production Voenmech, and then place it on one of the arms factories. In 1994, the joint venture was established – a joint venture – between arms company “Rex” in conjunction with the Military Mechanical Institute and the organization “Rosvooruzheniye – North-West”, which was engaged in the import of prototypes from the United States, and the American company “Ithaca”. We had planned to engage in production on the basis of hunting shotguns American firm “Ithaca”, which, in particular, are equipped with the police in Los Angeles. We have promoted this idea, we had an agreement with the Americans, with the Military Mechanical Institute. “Rosvooruzheniye – Northwest” acted as a party, as the program has been the conversion, and we planned the next step is to use the benefits that gave conversion program in Russia and in the United States. It was made a special program to create a police weapon, and for this program, we have met several times with Vladimir Putin, who was then engaged in foreign trade activities. And, of course, our joint venture was registered foreign economic activity department of City Hall, which was headed by Putin.

– Vladimir Putin, according to the orders of Sobchak, in 1993, engaged in, among other things, “ammunition disposal with expired shelf life. ” But your business is to do with it did not have?


Money is always used to take Alex Miller. And Vladimir Vladimirovich just wrote sum during a conversation


– No. He is at the moment, among other things, was responsible for law enforcement, and not just with his department in City Hall together we wrote a program for the implementation of police weapons in law enforcement. The program was first a regional and then planned to make it a federal, because it required a change in the so-called zero-order the first of what weapons may consist in service with the police. This is consistent with Mr Putin, with the leadership of the FSB, the Interior Ministry and with the leadership of the Moscow agency, which is engaged in this, too. Against this background, we are quite productive.

– why Putin was interesting?

– First, it was his direct action at the moment. Secondly, it has been connected with the departments with which he at that time was closely associated. Well, then, after all, we paid for it. The money was given.

– I mean – a bribe?

– I mean – a bribe …

– And how is it transmitted?

– Money is always used to take the assistant Vladimir Alex Miller. And Vladimir Vladimirovich in a manner characteristic of intelligence personnel just wrote sum during the conversation.

– In the film Igor Shadkhan “Power” (1991), Vladimir Putin said that the bribe him almost nobody offers from it depends nothing. It was not so?

– by hand the money I gave him. But Alex Miller copes with this nice feature. It may, of course, left its own, but somehow I doubt it.

– it was expensive?

– 10 thousand dollars. At the time – money. The amount depended on how I know what kind of plan to profit. We were ahead of many more steps. We expected that we will supply the St. Petersburg police, and this will be a long-term order production work in Voenmech. That is, it was unfinished.

– What eventually happened?

– As a result, we received a license to produce the pilot shotguns. But let us down Chechen war, because by the end of 1995, there was a law that would tighten as the private production and trafficking of arms as a whole. And, just like everywhere else in the United States in this regard was a freeze on the project.

– You have been nicknamed “Max-gunsmith”?

– Well, I was engaged in weapons. Perhaps it was. But we wanted to do in the main production, trade, we were not engaged. We brought samples in piece form, and focuses on Voenmech, which, of course, was the license for the production of all weapons.

– The idea was yours? In an interview with the Japanese (1993, Journal Playgraph), Putin said: “St. Petersburg provides 70% of the military industry in the country. It is the strongest sector of the city, but there is cooperation with the West is behind … I sure would like to succeed in business and in this field “.

– Well, of course, was interested. Weapons – these are men’s toys. Especially, since we did not combat and hunting weapons, a separate passion. Putin has it, in my opinion, there is, in any case, was not observed, and in many people it’s just a passion. Good hunting rifle – a beautiful gift to man. It was my project, I was the CEO of the joint venture. Vladimir Vladimirovich helped us.

In the future I have a partner, or rather an acquaintance’s with 80, partly on the Jewish community in which I was a member, Dima Skigin. He was at that time engaged in timber business. He lived in a nearby house number 29, and I lived in a house at 25 Kirov Avenue. We met often, being neighbors, talked a lot, partnerstvovali for small projects, and then had the idea to create a joint business background and my communication with the mayor’s office, which I had in my business, and Dima – forest and export business (he was engaged export of timber from Karelia).

Then there was a big project related to the reconstruction of the Leningrad airport. Until now, this project is …

– Alexey Miller took part in promoting this project?


Vladimir Putin and Alexei Miller

– Yes, of course. Well, Miller celebrated everywhere as an authorized representative. It was a big project, it lobbied Sobchak, the Bank participated, and one of my American friend was engaged in every possible way that it worked through. He told us about it and Dima, we decided that the project is very large and that put him in power, money and communication is not necessary, but that is associated with refueling aircraft may be interesting for us – it was clear that it has money.

The idea was very simple: to create a gas station, just export. At that moment, when you insert taps into the tank of the aircraft, you have started export: no ships, no pipes, you came yourself. At the airport since 1970 was a pipe from the Kirishi refinery. The railroad was next – well, you can easily arrange delivery to Kirishi, and we decided to do it. Sign up a joint venture, again, in the Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Putin in 1995. We had joint company “Sigma” (I was 29%) recorded in 1994 for joint projects, and in 1995 with the help of this company and Liechtenstein company Horizon International Traiding, led by the American Graham Smith, we made a new joint venture – the company “Sovex”.


Dima argued that long traded with Vladimir Vladimirovich. Asked first 15% of revenues


The name “Sovex” was the same as that of the forestry company Dmitry Skigin. It was convenient because it was known as a man who is already engaged in export-import operations. We just duplicated the name. It Was “Sovex” wood, and made a new “Sovex”, engaged in the airport. “Sovex” wood do not even know who owned – maybe Dima him personally organized and “Sovex” airport – a Horizon International Trading, 34%, and our Dima Company “Sigma” – 66%. It is quite clear division.

Then began the process of entering the airport privatization occurred. And in the process of privatization of labor collective tank truck drivers who carry large tanks to aircraft, identified as a separate transport company. We went there as an investor and further steps came with the help of Vladimir Vladimirovich to lease containers, to obtain licenses for their own refueling aircraft.


As a result, they conspired to 4%, which will belong to Vladimir Vladimirovich


When registering a company led negotiations Dima, because I had a parallel direction, and we decided that Dima will deal more, because I was still a draft arms. Dima then, in 1995, led the “Sovex.” Dima argued that long traded with Vladimir Vladimirovich. I believe him. Since it first asked for 15% of revenues. It was a common rate of 10 to 15%, if it could quickly generate income. Dima explained the need to discount the fact that the profits to wait a long time, what do you need to do a lot of investment, and ultimately conspired to 4%, which will belong to Vladimir Vladimirovich. What he eventually paid some cash, I honestly do not know.

– How to legally register the 4%?

– Yes way. But it is certain obligations.

– but no cash is paid?

– to determine how much, then it was possible to discuss in what form.

– is clear. Today, there is evidence that Nikolai Shamalov, Gennady Timchenko hold shares “not for himself,” it said businessman Sergei Kolesnikov. As in this case solved?


This is a cooperative KGB agents and bandits, their eternal union


– Then it was a purely verbal commitment (though in 2012 appeared documentary clue about 4%, of which I will discuss later), but because of Vladimir depended very much, in particular, it we signed at some point a long-term lease for bulk oil capacity at the airport, it was very serious. We depended on him all the time. Plus in obtaining various licenses – without it in any way. They built a structure. I understand that Timchenko needed for its sales organization “Kineks,” and there was a problem, the eternal problem of Russia – the problem of infrastructure. Port blocked, clogged railways, but in order to have something to export, you need to export. In St. Petersburg is convenient that the plant comes from the Kirishi pipeline outlet pipe at the port, the airport, Shushary on Brooks.

“Sovex” – the first company that was engaged in the export of petroleum products. It was a condition that all participants in the business performed until recently, has not yet entered the “Lukoil” that all oil products are taken only from the Kirishi. No one else – absolutely not. But from the Kirishi Timchenko is a good pricing policy, deferred payment, that is, it was “Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all.” It is very convenient, because Western companies listed payment often not immediately, but in one of the schemes that were “SOVEX” money at all went to Liechtenstein. Horizon International Traiding as a co-owner, agent and representative of receiving payment, and then as it paid the “SOVEX” which in St. Petersburg, as a supplier.


In the West, few people are interested in how many old ladies was hacked for the sake of the suitcase with the money


The next company that was at the same point of exit pipe – a Petersburg oil terminal, which Dima Skigin created together with Ilya Traber and Sergei Vasilyev, because Dima went under a roof somewhere Vasilyeva year in 1995. Prior to that, he had big problems in the forestry business. Due to the spring thaw (not his fault – he was a good businessman) Dima was not able to bring the wood when all soaked by the Archangel. He stood ships were big delays, and because he worked for lending money at interest in the Bank “Saint Petersburg”, then any big problems: penalties for simple vessels plus the non-payment of the loan.